Ten Rules of Ethical Breeding

"Animal Control and Animal Shelters would NOT exist if these Ethical Rules Were Appied by all Breeders".

First Rule

The only reason to breed purebred dogs is to preserve the best qualities of the breed. Breeding to supply any market is not a justification.

Second Rule

You need to do all your breeding with the best interests of the breed in mind. Never your pocketbook.

Third Rule

Dedicate your life to the breed. Be a life-long student of the breed. You can’t be a breeder one day and quit a year later. 

Fourth Rule

As a beginner you need to immerse yourself in the breed as much as possible and find a respected suitable mentor.

Fifth Rule

If your not serious enough to show your line you bred to your peers and attempt to produce a constant line of many champions, you should not breed.

Sixth Rule

You need to keep track of all the puppies you produce, whether pet or show quality, to know how your breeding program is improving over time.

Seventh Rule

All companion animals need to be put on a spay/neuter contract. With AKC limited Registration.

Eight Rule

All show puppies need to go on a contract that will not allow breeding unless the dog lives up to the quality intended and passes all health checks and certification necessary for that breed. If a prospective breeder does not want to do this, then I am sorry, but they will have to mess with someone else’s dogs not mine!

Co-ownerships allow you a certain amount of control in this regard because they require your signature in order for puppies be registered. AKC will not allow registration unless all papers are properly signed. If you have a difference with your co-owner, it will need to be settled in court before the AKC will register a litter of puppies. 

Ninth Rule

Every breeder owes it to the breed and to themselves to be involved with rescue.

Every breeder should be prepared to take any dog back for whatever reason. If they do not have the space, then they need to be prepared to make other arrangements. But take them back they must!

Tenth Rule

In my ideal world one could not sell dogs. They would only be able to be given as cherished gifts to deserving individuals. This would eliminate the whole pet mill and back-yard breeding industry as they could not make any money. Of course, since this world is not the way I envision it as regarding dogs, we must work within the system. So, I do charge for puppies, and I charge what I think is fair for the time and effort I have put into it. It is certainly not enough to cover all the expenses. If someone cannot or will not pay my price, then let them go somewhere else or take on a rescue. There is nothing wrong with paying a lower price and certainly very noble to rescue.

Rules By Dr Sophia