Border Terrier Application

Boarder Terrier Application

Hi, If you have decided to fill out this application you have already decided the Border Terrier is the breed for you. I have put together this application to help me help you, in some of the areas you may not have thought of.  It also lets me know what kind of a home my puppies might be going to.

If you have any questions
contact me.  After I have received your application I will look it over, if there are any questions, I will call you or send you E-mail.  I will then send you a post when my next litter is bred. And again when the pups are born. Once they are born you will need to send a deposit of $500.00 to be put on the list for a pup from that litter. If you wish to wait for another litter you will need to let me know at that time.  This deposit holds your puppy. If you change your mind you forfeit your deposit.  I have found that this is the only fair way, as I will have to turn people away when the pups are spoken for.

Riggsrun Border Terriers is dedicated to breeding only exceptional animals that demonstrate the requisite type, temperament and soundness that constitutes this majestic breed.  When we place a puppy, we reserve the right to know the placement of the animal, through its whole life.

Owning an Border Terrier is a serious responsibility.  It is not an easy task to choose good homes for the puppies that we are responsible for bringing into this world.  We try to be as helpful as we can to new Border Terrier Family’s.  It is understood that at anytime in the Life of your Border Terrier, that you may have to divest yourself of your friend, for whatever reason.  He or She always has a home at the Riggsrun Kennels.  The following will help you with understanding your new puppy.  If you have other questions please feel free to
contact me.

​If the submit button is transparent you have not answered all the required fields *of this application. Please look carefully at all the questions and answers! Input N/A in areas required that you feel do not apply to your situation! And Please Submit Using the Lowest Submit button.